Activity Management

Experience better control and more efficient operations

BlueRec has established a very flexible activity management system. BlueRec’s activity management system allows fast program creation utilizing a single page interface and Save as New options. Our flexible fee type system makes sure that the proper fee is always selected wherever the client is registering for an activity. BlueRec’s integrated activity calendar system verifies location and facility availability before scheduling is committed. The custom field options give you better control over the data you are collecting during and after the registration process. This makes setting up and managing your activities faster and more effective.

BlueRec’s integrated news and event communications system allows activity administrators to keep program participants informed. Posting news on a program allows you to publish it to the web site, email the update and send it out at a text message all in one step. This improves the customer’s experience and reduces call related activities.

Packages, session management, custom field settings and payment plans allow you more control over your activities. Allow registrants the ability to select meal choices, accommodations, transportation requests, shirt sizes etc… to improve their experience and your ability to track what is needed for each activity you are offering. Payment plans allow customers to pay on an invoice schedule and can be set for EFT and ACH payment options.

BlueRec’s Activity Management system gives you incredible flexibility with an easy to use interface. All of its features are designed to improve the customers experience while reducing the amount of administrative time required.

Key features

  • Flexible Fee-Type management
  • Payment Plan management tools
  • Program based custom fields
  • Integrated into the system calendar real-time
  • Prerequisite settings for each activity
  • Package management options
  • Attach downloadable files
  • Link other programs/activities for packaged registration
  • Attach inventory items for purchase during registration
  • Activity session management
  • Integrated news/event communication utilizing email and text messaging
  • Save as new functionality
  • Copy season activities to a future season