Cash Register

Keep customers happy with streamlined, efficient front desk services

Your staff members have a lot of information to juggle. BlueRec’s cash register feature allows your staff to view all the information they need to complete a transaction without ever leaving the cash register screen. The result? Faster, more efficient service for your customers and fewer mistakes.

Some of the unique features of the cash register include rollovers that provide detailed information and the ability to quickly add reservations and other purchases. You can review and update household information directly from the cash register screen. Plus, BlueRec enables you to create multiple fee options for any item in the system.

Key features

  • One screen for registration, membership, reservations and item sales
  • Smart fee selection based on status, group and discounts
  • Easy add-on options for registration, memberships and reservations
  • Rollover notices for users, programs, memberships and reservations
  • Quick payment options for household dues owed
  • Payment plan selection when applicable
  • Fast household updating
  • Ability to move items to household's shopping cart
  • Ability to split payment between multiple payment methods and apply money to each specific item
  • Quick EFT/ACH setup for payment plans