Communication Tools

Promote your organization with a range of communication tools

With BlueRec’s suite of fully integrated communication tools, you can promote activities and events, maintain customer relationships and reduce call center activity.

Easily communicate with your patrons via automatic emails, direct mail and text messages. You can automatically notify customers when event details change, or let them know about their account status. Create communications lists with the demographic reporting tool to make email and direct marketing campaigns even easier.

If you work with an external vendor, you can rest assured that BlueRec makes it easy. The system enables outside organizations to manage communications without accessing other administrative functions.

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Key features

  • Create demographic lists for email and mail marketing
  • Set up automated messages for events and activities
  • Use integrated text messaging features for activity/event updates
  • Update Constant Contact groups and prepare Constant Contact marketing campaigns
  • Update organization/activity/event/team news and events online