Enjoy more control and faster turnaround on receivables

Make payments a smoother process for your staff and customers alike with BlueRec’s built-in, PCI-compliant EFT/ACH management system. With improved EFT/ACH management, your organization will benefit from improved flexibility as well as turnaround in your recurrent billing cycle. All payment information is maintained through your merchant services provider and accessed utilizing their API.

A powerful tool that connects directly to the transaction system of credit card processing companies, BlueRec provides your staff with ultimate control. You can easily manage upcoming payments, payment profiles and client history while making adjustments when needed to payment dates or methods. If customers choose to pay an upcoming invoice with another method such as cash or check, the system makes it easy to update.

You can create an EFT right at the time of the sale and verify the payment method immediately. Automated messages let you know if a transaction is declined, and you can view the status of all recurring transactions.

Key features

  • All sales can be turned into an EFT/ACH transaction
  • Easy EFT/ACH creation through the cash register
  • EFT/ACH tracking with real-time status reports
  • Sortable EFT/ACH list with easy-to-read reports
  • Ability to edit future transaction payment information
  • Ability to update/edit upcoming invoices on any account
  • 100 percent PCI compliant system
  • Allow upcoming invoices to be paid with other payment methods
  • Automatic renewals for recurring monthly transactions
  • Transaction receipts posted to client's online account
  • All payment information stored utilizing your merchant provider's API