Facility Calendar

Keep your calendar up to date

In recreation management, it’s crucial that your calendar shows activities and availability in real time. With BlueRec, the facility calendar is fully integrated so that changes are automatically reflected in the calendar.

You have plenty of flexibility with the calendar, too. Choose to color code events, connect facilities, view multiple locations at once, set recurring events, assign administrative events, select from day, week or month viewing options—these are just some of the possibilities. However you put it into action, the integrated calendar will help increase efficiency, improve communications between you and your customers, and reduce potential booking conflicts.

Key features

  • View by day, week or month
  • Color code events for easy viewing
  • Show multiple locations and facilities simultaneously
  • Enjoy full integration with activity scheduling as well as integration into cash register rental features
  • Add maintenance and administrative events
  • Use drag and drop for event modification
  • Get quick event details with pop-ups