Facility Rental

Keep your facilities full with fast rental setup

Facility rental is an important service provided by recreation organizations. With BlueRec, you can set up and manage rentals quickly and easily. Improve communications with customers by emailing rental agreements after the initial setup. Changes are easy to manage, too, and you can add options, change details and email modified agreements all from the same screen.

Utilizing rental codes to allow for customizable rental scenarios, BlueRec is the fastest rental setup process available. Make the most of your facilities, boost your bottom line and improve your customers’ experience with user-friendly facility rentals.

Key features

  • Fast rental setup and processing
  • Online rental requests
  • Attach multiple rental agreements and waivers
  • Rental requirement options
  • Attach packages and items
  • Easily adjust rental information
  • Email agreements to customers
  • Set up automated invoicing/payments
  • Assign multiple facilities to the same rental
  • Set up a recurring rental