Membership Management

The ultimate in flexibility

Turn a complex operation into a simple, streamlined one with BlueRec’s membership management. You can customize memberships, including everything from the duration, seasonal memberships and personal training sessions. Plus, use the built-in card designer to create multiple cards and assign them membership types. Add user photos, logos, barcodes and text using the browser-based designer.

Beyond flexibility, BlueRec’s membership management also boosts your bottom line. EFT/ACH and auto renewals for existing memberships facilitate faster turnaround on revenue. The payment plan management system allows you to adjust members’ payment schedule, improving your operational efficiency and customer service.

Key features

  • Flexible membership type creation
  • Payment plan settings
  • Auto renew options
  • Ability to create membership packages
  • Easy membership add-on
  • Length, date range and unit-based option on membership types
  • EFT/ACH status reports
  • Built-in card designer