Social Networking

Spread the word about your organization with integrated social networking features

With social networking an integral part of so many people’s lives, BlueRec makes it easy for you and your customers to engage online. Participants can “like” and share activities and events on Facebook and Google+, which ultimately provides a free marketing tool for your organization.

Beyond Facebook and Google+ integration, BlueRec also enables you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Grow your organization’s reach and increase participation by tweeting event updates and information on activities.

In addition to social networking, BlueRec also provides a dedicated tool for email marketing, Constant Contact. The tool is integrated directly into BlueRec, making it easy for you to create and update groups as well as prepare and send email marketing campaigns.

Key features

  • Integrated with Facebook and Google+ so users can share and “like” activities and events
  • Ability for participant households to share activities via e-mail
  • Ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts to share activities and events
  • Built-in email marketing system, Constant Contact, to manage and send e-communications