User Management

Efficient and easy to use

An easy-to-use, flexible user management system is critical to providing quality customer service. BlueRec makes it easy for your administrative staff to maintain user accounts.

You can communicate with users directly through user notes, which facilitate communications, improve customer tracking and increase operational efficiency. Easy access to historical data means that administrative tasks are reduced, enabling your staff to focus on customer service. Plus, BlueRec empowers customers to get the information they need directly through their online account.

Key features

  • Single-screen management of all household memberships
  • User notes with multiple display options and expiration dates
  • User settings for administrative rights and online accounts
  • Custom fields for additional information
  • Ability to attach files to the user's account
  • Detailed information panels for activity, membership, reservation and point-of-sale history
  • User group management
  • Merge, move and delete options for user accounts
  • ID card printing
  • Transaction history and payment plan management